On Page SEO Strategies – Infographic

In the world of search engine optimization, 90% of the blog posts, forum conversations and social media conversation are about one thing: backlinks.

Sure, getting high quality links pointing to your website is one of the best ways to increase your search engine ranking. However, link building only works if it’s on a foundation of solid on-page SEO.

This infographic from Backlinko helps illustrate some little-discussed on page SEO strategies that can help you get more search engine traffic over the short and long-term.

Fort Worth SEO

Here are 3 of the strategies discussed in the infographic that small business owners could get the most value from:

Keyword-Rich URLs: When you add a new page or blog post to your website, do you ever take a look at the URL? Make sure that the URL you’re using contains the keyword you want to target. This helps Google and the other search engines learn what your new page is all about.

Site Speed: Investing in high quality reliable hosting is one of the best SEO investments you can make as it generally results in faster loading speeds.

Longer Content: Don’t be afraid to add reams of quality content to your site. While filler content won’t help you get any more search engine traffic, diving deeper into a topic can. Certain industry studies have shown that pages with 1500-words or more tend to perform better in Google.