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We here at Pixel Clear Designs know that connections are everything! With social media marketing becoming one of the largest avenues with one of the widest audiences, it is a must for businesses nowadays. You connect with us and we connect you to the largest possible audience.

We have a strategy to our social media campaigns and it works. We want you as the client to be involved with the process and be able to see a change in the way that social media is portrayed. Setting goals will be crucial to a successful social media strategy. Without goals, you can’t move up in the social media world.


  • New Social Media platforms are increasingly popping up and it can be hard to keep the pace.You might think to stick to the “old good ones” but you might miss the chance to beat your competitors using some new social media networking. The social media world is constantly changing and is essential now-a-days to build brand awareness and to interact with your consumers.

  • Paying for someone with a track record in Social Media ensures results. Hiring someone who has experience in the industry is a much better solution than trying to manage it yourself.Why worry about the hassle of managing all of your different social media platforms by yourself? At Pixel Clear, we have a process to build up your brand awareness and increase followers and interactivity through your social media platforms. The main benefit in using social media is to bring a major exposure to businesses while generating leads and eventually sales

  • Multiple social networks require individual approaches. Every network is different and can’t always be used to post the same content across all platforms. The content for each platform must be unique in targeting to the audiences that use the different sites.

  • We help you define your goals and build a strategy around them. Then we collaborate with you and come up with content that targets your demographic and will interest your audience. Have you ever followed a page on social media that just posts about their products? Annoying isn’t it? Studies show that only 15% of what you post on social media should be about your company and products and the other 85% should be fun, interesting or relevant posts about topics in your industry. We also provide monthly reports for social media platforms evaluating the success and progress.

  • Consistency is key in building up brand awareness. By posting consistently each week shows your followers that you are involved and staying up to date on the social media trends. Also by posting during high traffic hours, social media tends to preform better and overall gain more followers and potential customers.


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