Good Web Design Makes Customer Service Easy

Customer retention is based almost exclusively on customer satisfaction. The internet in general and your website in particular play an ever increasing role in insuring your customer’s satisfaction. And the foundation of customer satisfaction is customer service. Good customer service insures customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction insures customer retention.

The good news is we’re all customers, so we all know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of good – and bad – customer service. Good customer service almost always determines if we’ll stick around as customers. We all know what it feels like when we’re treated right. So let’s consider how good web design makes good customer service.

1. Be helpful. This might seem a tad obvious, but it can be easily forgotten in all the wiz-bang of today’s online customer service. Make sure your website is designed in a way that will make it easy and user friendly for customers to get the help they need.

2. Be honest. Be willing to admit it when the company has made a mistake. Insure that your website is designed in a transparent way. When an answer is not available it’s ok to say you don’t know. Design a website methodology that will route the user to answers.

3. Over-deliver. Consider designing your website in a way that facilitates providing your customers with “upgrades” that put a smile on their face. Build in links and auto-responses that lead to inexpensive gifts, or free shipping upgrades, volume upgrades, etc.

4. Be an expert. 
Each visitor to your website is an opportunity for your company to be a friendly guide and advisor. Make sure that any website interaction between visitors and the company serves as a helpful resource to the visitor.

5. Keep it simple. All aspects of your website should be designed around customer service and satisfaction. The less user-friendly your website design, the more put-off your customer. Make sure important information like pricing, shipping, return policies, etc. are obvious.